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Apocalypse Cow

A violent parody platformer coming to PC soon

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Psychological exploration thriller coming for PC & Consoles

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Guests at TV Show USERS

Last weekend we were honored to be invited on the show USERS. It is a new show focused on all things gaming. We were there to talk about Monsters, the state of Apocalypse Cow and our future plans. Check it out but be warned, it might sound Greek to you: https://youtu.be/E3UhV_GePhU?t=42m37s

Passionately imagining new worlds.

We are Monsters, an indie game development studio. We exist to open windows to strange new worlds and interesting characters. We need to create memorable experiences. We secretly want to buy Ferraris, but let's keep that between us.

To that end we make narrative driven games with unique characters leading the experience. And it was a good call. We just love our lives now.

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